Adopt a Preloved Horse takes great care and spends considerable amount of time screening adoptive,
permanent loving homes for horses/ponies that come into our program.

Thank you in advance for your interest in adopting a horse from us.

Please answer all of the following questions to the best of your ability
This will assist us to assess the best possible equine for your needs and situation.  

Don't be scared off by the application, we can discuss anything you're unsure of or currently don't have.

Note:  The information collected on the application are completely confidential
           but necessary for us to proceed with the adoption.

Adoption Form

Adopt a Preloved Horse reserves the right to refuse any adoption if we do not feel the prospective adopter and horse result in a suitable match.

Upon approval of this application for a general adoption or for the adoption of a specific horse, Adopt A Preloved Horse will contact you and arrangements can be made for the adoption to take place.

If at some point, the horse does not work out, we ask that you donate the horse back to Adopt a Preloved Horse.  If you have someone that is interested in purchasing this horse, we ask that you have them go through us so the horse does not end up in a slaughter facility. 

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