All Donations to Adopt A Preloved Horse are gratefully accepted. 
They really do assist us in keeping our rescue program running. 

We are always asked about where we receive our funding, unfortunately there are no such funds that we are aware of and therefore all the costs associated with saving & rehabilitating the horses/ponies/donkeys come solely from my own funds.

To make is easy, we are able to accept $ via E-Mail Money Transfers, Paypal, Stripe, Cheque or Cash.
We can also use anything like Canadian Tire $ to purchase various barn items/fencing supplies. 

Donation Envelopes

Ask us about our beautifully printed envelopes to place at a Celebration of Life event or to have available to clients in lieu of donation boxes.  In memory of a special person or horse/pet or made on behalf of someone's special event/milestone, such as instead of birthday presents.  Makes it very easy for you to collect the $ and mail directly to
Adopt A Preloved Horse.
Fundraising with GoGetFunding
Any monetary donation you generously provide will go straight to the horses currently here and goes towards us bidding on horses/ponies against them going for slaughter.
We accept E-mail $ transfers, Paypal transfers or Stripe payments for your convenience.
Some of the items we are need of are listed on our Horses Wish List page.
If you choose to mail a donation, please send a cheque/money order/gift certificate to:

Katrina Horne c/o Adopt A Preloved Horse
191 Long Beach Road, RR 2, Cameron, Ontario KOM 1G0
(please make cheques payable to "Adopt A Preloved Horse")

Everything counts and no donation is too small.