Horses Wish List/Sponsoring


Thank you to Amanda & family for the leather draft-sized halter!
Thank you to a donor for the care package sent of Vet Wraps.

We want to renovate our barn to provide more room indoors for the horses.  We also need to fence in additional paddocks. 

There are many things that are on the "Wish List": 

  • Rubber Stall Mats (used would be fine - we have a mare that really needs a foot footing/padded stall)
  • Shavings or Pellets for bedding (are always needed)
  • Water or Feed Buckets
  • Box Stall doors/hardware   Update:  (We have new-used stall doors we are purchasing).
  • Fence Posts/Boards, Electric Fencing
  • Bandaging supplies, such as Vet Wrap, Gauze Pads & Heal Fast Polysporin & Iodine (Betadine).
  • Bags of feed/treats are always a huge help.. (some of the horses don't even know what treats are when they arrive -- but they sure learn quickly)
  • Assistance with Farrier or Veterinarian costs...
  • Veterinary Supplies
  • Fly Masks (various sizes needed) and good Fly Spray
  • We would be grateful to accept any donations of useful horse supplies new or used (everything counts).
  • Gift Certificates for Greenhawk Stores - (can be used towards - vet supplies/medications, horse clothes, vitamin supplements, mineral or salt blocks & holders, barn supplies or tack, brushes, shampoo/skin & hoof conditioners).
  • Gift Certificates for TSC Stores (can be used towards - bags of horse feed, beet pulp, alfalfa cubes, mineral or salt blocks & holders, vitamin supplements, skin & hoof conditioners, rubber stall mats, shavings for bedding. stable boy {stall deodorizer}, outside water troughs & heater.
If anyone could help in any of the following, please e-mail us.
Any cash donation you generously provide will go straight to the horses currently here and goes towards us purchasing horses/ponies saving many of them from going to the slaughter house.  We are now accepting e-transfer or Paypal transfers for your convenience.   Please visit our Donations page for more info.

If you choose to mail a donation, please send via e-transfer/paypal /cheque/money order/gift certificate to:
Katrina Horne c/o Adopt A Preloved Horse
191 Long Beach Road, RR 2, Cameron, Ontario KOM 1G0
(please make cheques payable to Adopt A Preloved Horse)

Everything counts and no donation is too small.


We are always in need of Sponsors, as we can only help so many horses on our own.   Sponsoring can be a one time donation or on a regular basis - however you'd like.  It can assist in the costs for a specific horse's care or go towards many.  Please view the list above for items the horses need.  Please
e-mail us for more info on sponsoring.