Affirmative Choice - RIP

R.I.P. our sweet mare
APRIL 21, 1994 to DECEMBER 28, 2012

Unfortunately Choice's story is not uncommon, she was neglected, very thin and shipped off to auction at the age of 18 where we purchased her this summer.  Unfortunately Choice's body had given up her fight to survive despite all our efforts towards her.  She was an incredibly sweet mare that sure appreciated her last 6 months of life while being with us and knickered for our attention.  All I can think is that she passed on knowing that she was very much loved by myself & my children.  Thanks go to our vet for his kind & often sad part of the job they are required to do at these difficult times.  May you run free over the rainbow bridge.

If anyone wishes to make a donation in Choice's memory to assist us to recoup any of her costs, it would greatly be appreciated.  Thank you..

AGE: 18 Y/O
DOB:  APRIL 21, 1994 -

Choice was purchased from the auction by us. She is a very sweet adorable mare. She is not nervous at all.  She is tatooed and raced at the age of 3 & 4, but looks like she was just not fast enough. 

She was very underweight and dehydrated when we purchased her. She has gained some weight since we had her, and is now looking very healthy but still needs to gain more. Her coat is now looking great.

She had on one of those lovely binder twine lead line/halters on her. We think she was just run into the ground possibly a cart horse, then someone took her to the auction. Loves having lots of attention and being groomed for long periods of time. We put a saddle on her & she was very good & quiet. 

She is greatly missed by all of us..

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